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Fish Hawk Lithium Multi System

temperature data at depth to make trolling more efficient and effective. You can’t get this information from traditional fishing electronics.

  • Transmits speed and water temperature at depth
  • Lithium Series Probe provides 50+ hours of fishing from a single charge
  • Probe fully charges in 2-4 hours, partially charges in 20 minutes
  • 5,000+ lifetime probe charges
  • Water-activated probe extends battery life
  • Smaller profile cuts through water and minimizes blowback
  • Use with or without a downrigger
  • Patented Slip-Ducer™ ensures probe and receiver are in perfect alignment
  • Display is powered by two AA batteries
  • Compact, easy-to-read display with backlighting
  • Portable, move from boat to boat
  • RAM Mount compatible
  • Includes protective display cover
  • Probe uses a 70kHz sonar signal to send data
  • System includes: display, probe, transducer with cable(slip or transom mount), display cover, wireless charging pad and USB-C cable

Fish Hawk Lithium Multi System

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