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Updated: Jan 10

  1. Quality Made. These Flies Are For Targeting Salmon And Trout . Made With Quality Mylar Materials. A lot Of Great Lakes Anglers Use This Type Of Fly For Tournaments And Everyday Fishing. We Use Quality Hooks. We Have Our Rattle Style Harness That Draws The Fish Near And Far With A Great Sound Effect. Our Tandem Style Harness Is Made With 50# 100 % Fluorocarbon Line And The Leader Line Is 30 Inch . Hooks Are Size 1 TorpedoTreble And 4/0 Torpedo Beak Hook With A Super Glow Bead.

  2. Live Series Is Made With Silicone Skirting And Mylar Material For A Live Series Effect. 

  3. Cut Bait Rigs Are Made With 72 " 50# Fluorocarbon Line 3 Teasers And Rosco Barrel Swivel. A Size 1 TorpedoTreble And Quality Cut Bait Heads. #10 Ball And Chain Fishing Swivels Work So Well Because They Prevent The Line From Twisting, And They Can Also Send Bubbles Over The Trailing Lure To Make It Look Like The Lure Has Come Alive.

  4. We  Also Have   3  Squid  Body Teasers With A Quality Cut Bait Heads To Match The Color.

  5. Pro Staff Tested With Focus On Quality And Durability.

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