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Chinook #4-4-25  Directional Diver.    Size: 4 1/4""  with Size 1" Lead Sinker

- These high performance trolling divers allow you to effectively cover a broad area, both side to side of the boat and at multiple depths all at the same time.  You can run multiple lines off the back of your boat.

- The Chinook Diver utilizes an improved shape and sleek, ultra thin, high quality stainless steel.  It features easy adjustability for a multi-directional diver that sets it apart from all other divers and planers.   A shift of the weight to the left or right, will cause the diver to track to port or starboard, allowing for large spreads of lures to be fished from a single boat.

- The Chinook Diver was designed for performance in the Great Lakes and are proven performers for Bass, Perch, Walleye, Trout and Salmon.  They are strong and durable enough for both freshwater and saltwater trolling.  The high performance Chinook Diver easily go to where the fish are.  

- Widens your trolling pattern

- Available in a variety of sizes and colors

- ALWAYS Trips easily from your boat

- Adjustable trip mechanism, fish strike triggers the release with no diver drag

- Light retrieve due to ultra thin design after release

- Weight is adjustable for multiple port or starboard trolling positions

- Divers are designed to work best with thin wire line and the super braided lines

- Capable of reaching depths of 100 feet and more

- Stainless Steel Construction

- Proudly made and assembled in the USA

Chinook Divers are designed to work best with thin wire line and the super braided lines.  A counter reel is very helpful in calculating depth.  We use a 2 to 1 foot ratio calculation for line out-vs-depth.  100 feet of line out will get you 50 feet down.  Faster/slower trolling speeds and shallow/deeper will change this calculation slightly.  In shallow water, a larger diver will run closer to the back of the boat.  In deep water, a smaller diver will run further back behind the boat.

Generally, we don�t use a snubber.  Depending on fishing conditions and trolling speeds, you can see a few accidental releases at accelerated trolling speeds or in rough water.  We use 8 1/2 ft or 9 ft, fast action tip poles with the divers.  These give us the �snubber� type action to control accidental releases without adding more friction underwater.

Chinook Divers recommended depths

- #5 is used for 50-100+ feet deep and excellent for deep Salmon/big fish.

- #4 and #3 are both lethal in the 25-80 foot ranges, both very capable tools

- #2 works best in the 15-50 foot depth range and are great size for Walleye!

- #1 is also great for shallow trolling and to troll behind a bigger unit at similar depths.

Green Tape

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